Proen Engineering is dedicated on finalizing the projects seamlessly.

Installations are performed on site according to regulations, standards and requirements of the project. Wall Construction (Gas Concrete or Drywall), Plaster Manufacturing, Paint Applications, Door Installations (Steel, Wooden, Fire Resistant), Window Installations, Waterproof Works, Fire Sealing Applications, Suspended Ceiling Works, Raised Floor Works, Ceramic Works, Marble Works, Glass And Mirror Works, Carpet Applications, Baseboard Works, Decorative Acrylic Applications, Stainless Handrail Applications, Iron, Aluminum Works, Concrete-Reinforced Concrete-Screed Works, Facade Cladding, Epoxy Applications, Site Wide Infrastructure, Ductbank/Manhole Works, Landscaping Works. Finally after all of these installations, facility is delivered to the client after the constructional cleaning.

Proen Engineering has the ability to handle any kind of small or large-scale projects in any location by delivering quality engineering and installation services. Proen Engineering consists diverse range of electrical services that can be found under one roof: Airports, Data Centers, Shopping Malls, Commercial Centers, Financial Centers, Hotels, Residences, Sports, Industry, Stores, Restaurants.

We aim to ensure integration with all disciplines, energy and cost efficiency, long-term provisions, sustainability. We are exerting our practical understanding of engineering with turnkey solutions for every project. We are able to serve in all phases of a distribution system starting from Medium Voltage Energy Center until to last lighting fixture installation. Proen Engineering always find best and economic solutions according to current codes and standards for Medium Voltage Power Distribution Systems, Low Voltage Distribution Systems, Light Current Systems, IT Systems, Test and Commissioning, Project Management and Consultancy Services. Seismic protection measures are being taken against earthquake risks.

Project analysis process is the first step to find compatible solutions for a facility, before starting mechanical applications on site. According to needs of the facility; HVAC System, Sprinkler System, Gas Extinguishing System, Plumbing System Installation (Sanitary Systems, Domestic Water, Sewage System), Chiller System, Water Treatment System, Glycol Dosing Process, CFD Analysis, Air Sampling Systems, Heating and Cooling System Installations, Test and Commissioning processes are carried out on site. Seismic protection measures are being taken against earthquake risks. Insulation and embossing works are applied in order to protect the installations and enhance visuality.

Proen Engineering has always used its experience for creating sustainable infrastructure system, delivering user-friendly and long term solutions for each project specifically. Integration with all disciplines is the main criteria for a stable building design system, which creates our main point of view.

Proen Engineering carries out the civil works of a project in all stages according to codes and standards with elaborative techniques and quality workmanship on site.

  • Unforeseen loads during the project phase creates a necessity of reprojecting and site installations starts according to this revised project. These site applications are generally concrete or steel reinforcement, additional constructions etc.
  • Another point is the fact that using an existing building out of its intended purpose. Static modelling is performed to determine these problems depending on the purpose of the building and a report is prepared according to applications that will be made. In case of a necessity, steel, concrete or such materials can be used for to forge reinforcements.
  • There may be a need of static installations in terms of applicability of electrical and mechanical installations in existing buildings. They can be specified as catwalk applications in order to reach and intervene installations, panel carrier bases, transformer carrier base rails, roof level mechanical equipment bases, mechanical piping carrier system etc.

Transferring and storing data, fast reach to information, easier communication are the growing needs for today’s world. These goals can be achieved through a solid infrastructure system installation. It’s vital to be in coordination with electrical and mechanical systems to deliver best solutions and acquire solid infrastructure.

Proen Engineering provides technological infrastructure that electrical, mechanical and IT systems can work harmoniously. Most important criteria in ICT system application is network analysis that enables expansion upon demands. Proen Engineering covers data, fiber optic, structural cabling, security system (CCTV, card access control), audio/visual systems, SCADA systems, ventilation etc. in Information and Communication Technology (ICT) system installations. Appropriate LAN/WAN products are being selected and installations carried out accordingly for active equipment. 

As technology advances, building management systems evolves and become more integrated. Proen Engineering finds applicable solutions to evolving technologic infrastructure systems according to client’s demands. Automation applications which are life easing and enabling application, control, intervention and monitoring over smart buildings gather under BMS roof. Smart buildings different branches such as HVAC, lighting, power, closed-circuit cameras etc. can work together by automation system. Building Management Systems (BMS) controls, monitors, coordinates and communicates these branches with each other through a software and a computing system. There are some protocols for this system such as KNX, DALI and BACnet that allows these features to be centralized and applicable.

Automation system is the basic for the sustainable and efficient environment and Proen Engineering applies BMS principles to their projects with a specialized team to meet these requirements.

Energy saving has now become a subject of importance from the industry to the tools in the houses. Energy monitoring system is essential for to determine the ways for energy saving from electrical and mechanical energy supplies. It’s not possible to find how to save energy unless we don’t track consummation. Correctly planned and system integrated Energy Monitoring System can determine possible faults and intervene. This way, equipment, production, workforce and raw material losses can be prevented.

Consumed energy (electric, water, gas, vapor) is analyzed according to purpose of the facility and billed to the tenants. Active and reactive energy consumption is kept under control in order not to fall into a penalty status against energy supplier companies.

Creating sustainable environment, using compatible equipment and carrying out green building applications are our focal point in all works. Before stepping into project installation phase, client is being informed about all the aspects necessary to create a sustainable facility specifically for the project in scope of our consultancy services. We are contributing to raise awareness to sustainability this way. Proen Engineering is approaching to sustainability as a responsibility to our world, for now and future.

Sustainability can be provided with coordination between client, consultants, architects and designers by examining the project, detecting the requirements and finding solutions specifically for the project. Energy efficiency, collaboration with electrical and mechanical systems, including renewable energy resources if there are any and other elements that may effect sustainability are being considered through this process.

We have projects complying and awarded with LEED certification in our portfolio. For these projects we are working tightly with the project and site teams to get the best results and fulfill necessary Green Building requirements.

First stage of creating a sustainable environment is preparing a master plan considering prospective feasibility analysis. Evaluation and analysis are the keystones for master planning studies. Master planning requires long-term provisions which requires a detailed site examination.

Site and building infrastructure assessments leads and supports every system throughout the project. An effective master planning study will lighten the connected systems burden. Master planning studies includes determining power plants and locating the energy centers to right points. When a new power demand occurs, the system infrastructure should be able to meet the demand and existing system will continue to operate without a problem.

Proen Engineering guides the client about each step that will be accomplished by controlling the project on site and ensuring time and cost saving.

Renewable energy is one of the most important issues of creating sustainable environment. It’s called clean energy and does not cause carbon emission. Renewable energy supplies can be specified as Wind, Solar, Geothermal, Hydraulics, Hydrogen, Biomass etc. Using renewable energy will reduce the dependence to fossil fuels and increase the usage of eco-friendly solutions.

Adapting the best renewable solution to a project requires examining local resources, feasibility studies and preliminary work according to project type. Renewable energy generation happens on site, so local resources are significant and most supportive issue for to recoup and profit from the invested money in future years. Along with that, funding, compliance to local regulations are also decisive factors. Renewable energy solutions must be compatible with all systems to form an integrated system.

Proen Engineering mostly uses Solar Energy system installations among renewable energy supplies.

Test and commissioning starts when the project phase finishes, it is the last step before the project gets fully operational. In this step, systems in facility are being subjected to some functional and performance tests. As the result, system elements should be verified to work together without a problem and ready to go functional. This process is about testing the systems, reporting the outcomes and ensure everything operates how it’s supposed to operate. Client, manufacturers, contractors are all present on site during this process. Especially systems such as generators, uninterruptible power supplies, fire detection and alarm systems, lightings and etc. are the main focus points.

Test and commissioning controls consists of two stages.

1.Compliance Controls with the Project

  • Determination of presence of the products stated in the projects
  • Compatibility to specifications and brand list of the products used on site

2.Site Controls

  • Visual inspections and connection controls (Level-3)
  • Function controls of the equipment (Level-4)
  • Function tests according the scenario (Level-5)

After the test and commissioning is completed, process results are being reported. This report consists the signatures of the companies and people present at this process.

Proen Engineering handles and manages test and commissioning phase with a great care, careful to be present and ready to step in whenever it’s necessary.

Building Information Modeling (BIM) is a 3D model based system allows viewing, drawing and managing a project. BIM contributes to projects by realizing the project with 3D modeling, adaptable to changes, managing projects easier, reducing the costs. Therefore connected systems in the project can be monitored more accurately.

Proen Engineering always follows the current innovations in the sector. BIM became a requirement in the sector with lots of benefits, so we quickly put it into practice to meet the emerging need of 3D modeling.

BIM is the greatest assistant of site teams for to make electromechanical coordination before starting site installations. Problematic areas can be solved on the screen with BIM by 3D modelling. So it prevents workforce, time and material losses on site. Proen Engineering is highly aware of this situation and puts BIM to use on site.

Most important cause of project management is to finalize a project smoothly and on time. In order to obtain this purpose, site team should consist of people with sufficient technical knowledge that can solve problems on site. Proen Engineering has structured this team with long time together personnel and executed all of their works diligently. Proen Engineering delivers project management service by combining engineering, project supervision and consultancy experience for to achieve all goals the project requires for a successful completion. Carries out all necessary works coordinating construction, mechanical, electrical, work safety specialists. This way, Proen Engineering gathers each factor that consists project management service under one roof. These factors include planning, management, development services, project cost and scheduling, procurement, document controlling, risk management, quality management, innovation management, value engineering, safety, capacity building, construction management, test and commissioning.

Proen Engineering is a reliable partner for our clients by addressing every aspect, integrating with the project and teams, prioritizing client’s requirements and interests. Required guidance is realized to meet the client’s demands with staff who have a strong grasp on international and local standards.

Tier certification is a global standardization system which determines the operation continuity and reliability for Data Centers. Data Centers are awarded with this certificate if they fully comply with certificate requirements. There are four Tier Certificates indicated as Tier-1, Tier-2, Tier-3 and Tier-4. As the Tier level rises, it introduces additional features to the previous Tier level while keeping the previous level features. As a result, Tier-4 is the most comprehensive Tier class which is completely redundant, fully fault tolerant. Tier-4 can allow any fault or unplanned activity while still maintaining operations.

In today’s data center applications mostly demanded and projected Tier standards are Tier-3 and Tier-4. Proen Engineering puts into practice every step of the certification process. Also awarded with Accredited Tier Designer Certificate, with a wide experience and knowledge, we can accomplish any kind of Data Center contracting service in any sizes. Reflecting this knowledge on site, prevents any complication that may occur during the process.

The aim for value engineering is to control existing or new project and to find ways of saving. Proen Engineering initially examines the projects and bill of quantities before site installations. Then prepares an analysis as the result of review. This analysis determines pinpointing requirements of the project for to find most economical solutions considering demands of the contractor. Performing value engineering leads the contractor to eliminate unnecessary burden and start savings. Optimizing investment cost clears the way to make more investments. This process also helps to determine the faults in the projects and take precautions against them.

First and most important phase of a project is providing detailed and reliable cost estimating documentation. Applications reaches completion in most economic cost with a proper planning and analysis.

Evaluation of whether decided investment will take place in appropriate circumstances can be checked by site controls, local analysis and feasibility studies. Budget estimates will be formed as a result of this analysis.

Proen Engineering reviews tender documents prepared according to budget availability and according to these evaluations faults get corrected, and reported to the customer.