MUTLU Plastic
  • Designing and Installation of Medium Voltage Power Distribution System;

    • Trench and backfilling for cable installation.
    • Ductbank and Manhole Installation (450 meters
    • Corrugated Conduit Installation
    • Brick work, Protective Plate and  Warning Tape Application
    • Medium Voltage Cable installation 4 set 1x120/16 YE3SV (20,3/35 kV)
    • C 35 Concrete Application by using 2 Rows of Q 188 Grid Iron
    • Testing and Commissioning
  • Test and commissioning starts when the project phase finishes, it is the last step before the project gets fully operational. In this step, systems in facility are being subjected to some functional and performance tests. As the result, system elements should be verified to work together without a problem and ready to go functional. This process is about testing the systems, reporting the outcomes and ensure everything operates how it’s supposed to operate. Client, manufacturers, contractors are all present on site during this process. Especially systems such as generators, uninterruptible power supplies, fire detection and alarm systems, lightings and etc. are the main focus points.

    Test and commissioning controls consists of two stages.

    1. Compliance Controls with the Project

    • Determination of presence of the products stated in the projects
    • Compatibility to specifications and brand list of the products used on site

    2. Site Controls

    • Visual inspections and connection controls (Level-3)
    • Function controls of the equipment (Level-4)
    • Function tests according the scenario (Level-5)

    After the test and commissioning is completed, process results are being reported. This report consists the signatures of the companies and people present at this process.

    Proen Engineering handles and manages test and commissioning phase with a great care, careful to be present and ready to step in whenever it’s necessary.